Students need to check and double check their dissertation before they are ready to present it to their teacher because even a single and most insignificant mistake can cost them very high. A dissertation is a very serious and challenging task that students get at their college and university level education and it is very important for them to give their best efforts and succeed with flying colors in their assignment. This article brings some important tips from dissertation writing service for students so that they remember which things they should keep in mind before submitting their dissertations to teachers for best results:


The first and foremost thing to check before handing over the document to the teacher is word count. The students should make sure their dissertation word count is at least the same as required by the teachers. It will not hurt to have a few extra words but it will cast a bad impression if it is lesser than required because it shows that students were least bothered about following the teachers’ instructions. The students need to check the title, introduction and conclusion and make sure the headings are right, there are no spelling or punctuation mistakes and everything is just as it should be.


The dissertation should provide answer to every question or sub question that has been put forward in the assignment. Even a small thing matters a lot when it comes to writing dissertations and custom assignment and students should make sure everything is just right. The students need to make sure that they have a source of evidence for every claim they are making in their paper. The best ways to do is to read, re-read the text and underline all claims and make sure there is enough solid evidence for each claim they are making in their paper.

Before submitting the dissertation, the students should check if all the figures and tables that they have added in their paper have a proper reference and can be traced back the right way. In addition to tables and figures, the students should also check the references for every resource they have used in their paper, be it articles, websites and opinions. The students need to really clear in the paper what are their own thoughts and which thoughts and concepts they have borrowed from others to make up their arguments.

Before submitting the dissertation to their teachers, the students should make sure their paper is 100% unique and custom and does not contain any plagiarism. There are many free plagiarism checking software available online which help students to check out their paper for originality and make corrections if needed.

The students need to ensure they are giving the correct file name to their dissertation. It should contain the right name, course code, teachers name as well as date of submission for dissertation writing and other important details that can make their paper recognizable and help the teacher read the details in one glance. One wrong step can create a lot of trouble for students and teachers and cause chaos and this it is best to check out the paper really well before handing it over.

Things to Check before Submitting a Dissertation to Teacher